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International Conference


Minsk, Belarus
September 21 – 24, 2021









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ISSN (Print)     2663-9939

ISSN (Online)  2706-9060


Interaction of Radiation with Solids : Proceedings of the 14th International Сonference, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus, September 21–24, 2021 / Belarusian State Univ. ; ed.: V. V. Uglov (ed.-in-chief) [et al.]. – Minsk : BSU, 2021.





Processes of Radiation and Plasma Interaction with Solids


A.V. Borzdov, V.M. Borzdov. Monte Carlo Simulation of Silicon Photodetector with Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Structure


Petro Trokhimchuck. About Nature of Laser-Induced Optical Breakdown


V.V. Uglov, N.A. Stepanyuk, S.V. Zlotski, K. Jin, A.M. Yaqoob, D.V. Esipenko. Structure and Stresses in NiCoFeCrMn High-Entropy Alloys Irradiated with Low-Energy Helium Ions


Е.R. Burmistrov, L.P. Avakyants. Study of Dynamic Parameters of Two-Dimensional Electronic Gas in InGaN / GaN Quantum Wells by the Terahertz Plasmon Resonance Method


V.N. Varyukhin, V.V. Malashenko, T.I. Malashenko. Influence of Dislocation Density on the Dynamic Dynamic Yield Stress of Alloys under Laser Irradiation


V.K. Goncharov, A.A. Gorbatsevich, M.V. Puzyrev, N.I. Shulhan, V.Yu. Stupakevich. Influence of the Material of a Laser Target and a Substrate in a Laser Plasma Source on the Formation of Ion Flows in the Secondary Emission Regime


Petr Grakovich, Leonid Ivanov, Leonid Kalinin, Yaraslava Kavaliova, Vladimir Makarenko, Victoria Shumskaya, Evgeny Tolstopyatov. Formation of Polytetrafluoroethylene Porous Layers by Laser Ablation


Valeria Dyu, Stanislav Shandarov, Marina Kisteneva, Serafim Smirnov, Yuryi Kargin. Study of Optical Absorption Spectra in a Bi12SiO20 Crystal Exposed to Pulsed IR Radiation with a Wavelength of 1053 nm


K.F. Znosko. Increasing the Effectiveness of the Interaction of the Dual YAG:Nd3+-Laser Pulses with Stainless Steel with a Decrease in the Inter-Pulse Interval


K.F. Znosko. Influence of Nickel-Chrome Alloy Temperature on the Intensity of the Spectral Lines Erosion Plasma


K.F. Znosko. The Temperature and Electron Concentration of the Erosive Plasma of Brass During its Formation by Double Laser Pulses


Z.A. Isakhanov, B.E. Umirzakov, S.S. Nasriddinov, Z.E. Мuhtarov, R.M. Yorkulov. Study of the Critical Angle of Channeling of Active Metal Ions Through Thin Aluminum Films


Anna Kudryavtseva, Konstantin Zemskov, Aleksandr Maresev, Sofia Umanskaya, Nikolay Tcherniega, Mikhail Shevchenko, Aleksandr Vodchits, Valentin Orlovich. Raman Lasing in Random Materials


Hanna Kuraptsova. Electronic Processes in Titanium Oxide/Silicon Heterostructure under Sun Radiation


Ludmila Semenova. The Resonant Scattering of Light by LO-Phonons under Two-Photon Excitation Near the An=2 and Bn=2 Exciton Levels


Eugene Tolstopyatov. Electron-Beam Ablation of Polytetrafluoroethylene for Thin Coatings Deposition


A.G. Trafimenko, A.L. Danilyuk, S.L. Prischepa. Sensitivity of Electrophysical Parameters Graphene / Silicon Heterostructure to Radiation Intensity


A.V. Felsharuk, A.L. Danilyuk. Plasmonic Effects in a Graphene Nanostructure with Gate in a Magnetic Field


A.A. Khomich, V.V. Kononenko. Surface Graphitization of Natural Diamond Irradiated by Fast Neutrons


B.N. Yussupbekova, K.B. Zhangylyssov, T.T. Alibay, D.A. Tolekov, Т. Каbаdullа, А. Маnаt. The Nature of Impurity Emission and the Formation of Electronic Hole Trap Centers in Irradiated Crystals K2SO4−Mn


H.S. Yakushevich, Y.V. Bogatyrev, N.A. Vasilenkov, S.B. Lastovskii, S.S. Grabchikov, G.A. Protopopov, A.E. Koziukov. Efficiency of the Use of Specialized Metal Packages for Protection of Radio-Electronic Devices from Impact of Protons of the Earth Radiation Belts




Radiation Effects in Solids


Jacques O’Connell, Danielle Douglas-Henry. Non-destructive Crystal Rotation by SHI Impacts


Danielle Douglas-Henry, Jacques O’Connell. Track Evolution Observed in NiO exposed to Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation


Anel Ibrayeva, Alisher Mutali, Alexander Sohatsky, Arno Janse van Vuuren, Jacques O’Connell, Vladimir Skuratov. High Energy Heavy Ion Tracks in Nanocrystalline Silicon Nitride


R.A. Rymzhanov, N. Medvedev, J.H. OConnell, V.A. Skuratov, A. Janse van Vuuren, S.A. Gorbunov, A.E. Volkov. Microscopics of Ion Track Formation in the Bulk and at the Surface


I.I. Azarko, Yu.V. Sidorenko, I.A. Karpovich, A.V. Konovalova, G.V. Sharonov, G.А. Gusakov. Effect of Electronic Radiation on Nickel-Containing Defects in Diamond


Viktor Belko. Simulation of the Formation of Defect Clusters in Ion-Irradiated Silicon


I.V. Borovitskaya, V.N. Pimenov, S.A. Maslyaev, G.G. Bondarenko, M. Paduch, E.V.Matveev, A.B. Mikhailova, A.I. Gaidar, A.S. Demin, N.A. Epifanov, E.V. Morozov. Changes in the Mechanical Properties and Surface Texture of Copper-Based Alloys under the Influence of Pulse Radiation-Thermal and Shock-Wave Loads Created in the Plasma Focus Installation


A.P. Voitovich, V.S. Kalinov, O.E. Kostik. Radiation Color Centers with New Characteristics in Ionic Crystals


I.G. Grevtseva, O.V. Ovchinnikov, M.S. Smirnov, T.S. Kondratenko, A.S. Perepelitsa, V.N. Derepko. Plasmon-Induced Luminescence of Ag2S Quantum Dots with the Participation of Trap States, Caused by Structural-Impurity Defect


V.N. Derepko, O.V. Ovchinnikov, M.S. Smirnov, A.S. Perepelitsa, T.A. Chevychelova. Luminescence of CdS Quantum Dots in the Presence of Silver Nanospheres


Nikolai Kazuchits, Vasili Kazuchits, Olga Korolik, Mikhail Rusetsky, Nikita Kirilkin. Distribution of Optically Active Defects in Diamonds Irradiated with Xenon Ions before and after Annealing


E.A. Levchuk, L.F. Makarenko. Numerical Modeling of Charge Carrier Capture Kinetics by Defect Clusters


M. Mamatova, V.A. Skuratov, A. Olejniczak, A.K. Dauletbekova, S.G. Giniyatova, A.T. Akilbekov. Pulsed Photoluminescence of MgAl2O4 Spinel Irradiated with High Energy Heavy Ions


I.F. Medvedeva, V.P. Markevich, Е.А. Fadzeeva, L.I. Murin. Hydrogen-Containing Defect With an E(-/+) Energy Level at Ec-0.075 eV in Irradiated Silicon


Sergei Miskiewicz, Alexander Komarov, Fadei Komarov, Vera Yuvchenko, Galina Zayats. Simulation of Radiation-Induced Changes of Operating Characteristics of Bipolar Structures


A.K. Mutali, A.D. Ibrayeva, V.A. Skuratov, A.S. Sohatsky, Е. Korneeva, R.A. Rymzhanov, A. Janse van Vuuren, J.H. OConnell, M.V. Zdorovets. Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Induced Latent Tracks in Nanocrystalline Y4Al2O9


Vladimir Ovchinnikov. Giant Radiation-Dynamic Effects under Corpuscular Irradiation


D.A. Ogorodnikov. Simulating the Impact of X-Ray Radiation on the Distribution of the Electric Fields in SiPM Cell with Metallized Dividing Trenches


Vladimir Odzhaev, Alexander Pyatlitski, Vladislav Prasalovich, Natallia Kovalchuk, Yaroslav Soloviev, Victor Filipenia, Dmitriy Shestovski, Yuri Yankouski. Influence of Nitrogen Ion Implantation on the Value of Drain-Source Currents of Power MOS-Transistors


Vladimir Pilko, Vladimir Pilko. Resistance of Structural Materials to Blistering and Flaking during Implantation of High–Energy Helium Ions and Annealing


V.N. Pimenov, I.V. Borovitskaya, A.S. Demin, N.A. Epifanov, S.V. Latyshev, S.A. Maslyaev, E.V. Morozov, I.P. Sasinovskaya, G.G. Bondarenko, A.I. Gaidar. Evolution of the State of the Surface Layer of Niobium under Impact of Pulse Beam-Plasma Flows


N.A. Poklonski, I.A. Svito, S.A. Vyrko, O.N. Poklonskaya, A.I. Kovalev, A.K. Martyanov, M.V. Kozlova, A.V. Khomich. Ordering of Uncompensated Spin Moments of Electrons in Irradiation-Modified Diamonds


D.A. Tashmukhamedova, B.E. Umirzakov, Y.S. Ergashov, M.B. Yusupjanova, A.N. Urakov, R.M. Yorkulov. Modifying of Electronic and Optical Properties of Ge of Ba Atoms Adsorption and Implantation of Ba+ Ions


E.A. Talkachova, V.P. Markevich, S.B. Lastovskii, L.I. Murin. Formation of Vacancy-Oxygen Complexes VO5 and VO6 in Silicon Crystals upon Irradiation-Thermal Treatments


O.N. Tretinnikov, A.V. Protosovskaya, A.V. Radkevich, E.I. Pavalanski. Radiochromic Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)/Phosphotungstic Acid Films for the Measurement of High Doses of Ionizing Radiation


A.A. Khomich, R.A. Khmelnitsky. IR Spectroscopy of Fast Neutron Irradiated Diamonds


A.A. Khomich, R.A. Khmelnitsky, A.I. Kovalev, M.V. Kozlova, A.V. Khomich. Two-Phonon Absorption in Radiation-Damaged Diamonds


I.I. Chernov, M.S. Staltsov, B.A. Kalin, P.S. Dzhumaev, A.S. Dikov, I.A. Ivanov. Radiation Effects in Steel 0.08C18Cr10NiTi under Irradiation with High-Energy Iron and Nickel Ions




Modification of Material Properties


Julia Fedotova, Pavel Ape, Alexander K. Fedotov, Alexey Pashkewich, Ivan Svito. Influence of Swift Heavy Ions Irradiation on Carrier Transport of Polyimide Films


Gleb Gorokhov, Alexander Zharov, Jan Macutkevic, Thomas Ballweg, Vanessa Fierro, Dzmitry Bychanok, Polina Kuzhir, Alain Celzard. Microwave properties of hollow carbon spheres with different electrical conductivities


A.V. Basalai, N.N. Cherenda, A.B. Petukh, A.P. Laskovnev, A.Yu. Isobello, A.M. Kuzmitski. Elemental and Phase Composition of the Surface Alloy Ti-Al-V-Cu Synthesized by Combined Exposure of Ion-Plasma Flows


Igor Zh. Bunin, Nataliya E. Anashkina, Maria V. Ryazantseva, Irina A. Khabarova. Modification of the Surface and Technological Properties of Geomaterials under the Exposure of a Dielectric Barrier Discharge


S.A. Vabishchevich, N.V. Vabishchevich, D.I. Brinkevich, V.S. Prosolovich. Adhesion of Gamma-Irradiated Films of a Positive Photoresist to Single Crystalline Silicon


V.N. Vasilets, Yu.O. Velyaev, L.V. Potopakhin, A.A. Mosunov, M.P. Evstigneev. Modification of Medical Ultrahigh-Molecular Polyethylene in the Plasma of Inert Gases and Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation


S.V. Vasiliev, A.Yu. Ivanov, A.L. Sitkevich. Titanium Structure Change During its Laser Treating


Natalia Gushchina, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Konstantin Shalomov, Dmitriy Vichuzhanin. Effect of Ion Irradiation on Fatigue of Al-Cu-Mg Alloy Pressed Profiles


Natalia Gushchina, Vladimir Voronin, Natalia Proskurnina, Vladimir Bobrovskii, Konstantin Shalomov, Vladimir Ovchinnikov. Study of Possibility of Deformed Ni-13.9 wt.% W Alloy Annealing using Beams of Accelerated Argon Ions


V.A. Dorosinets, V.K. Ksenevich, D.V. Adamchuk. Magnetic Field Influence on Electric Conductivity Mechanisms of Transition Metal Oxides Modified by Laser Radiation


Irina Dyachkova, Victor Asadchikov, Denis Zolotov, Lev Sorokin. The Possibility of using Proton Implantation to Correct the Characteristics of Silicon Photodiodes


Yu.F. Ivanov, M.S. Petyukevich, M.P. Kalashnikov, A.D. Teresov, V.V. Shugurov, V.V. Polisadova, A.A. Klopotov, O.L. Khasanov. Treatment of the «Film (Ti)/ (В4С-Ceramics) Substrate» System with a Pulse Electron Beam


G.A. Kichigina, P.P. Kushch, D.P. Kiryukhin, V.G. Dorokhov, V.V. Barelko. Hydrophobization of Aluminosilicate Glass with Radiation-Synthesized Tetrafluoroethylene Telomers


Yu.M. Koval, V.F. Mazanko, D.S. Gertsriken, D.V. Mironov, V.M. Mironov. Features of the Interaction of Metals with Insoluble Impurities in the Conditions of Martensitic Transformations


Fadei Komarov, Gennadii Ivlev, Irina Parkhomenko, Liudmila Vlasukova, Maxim Makhavikou, Jerzy Żuk. Optical Properties of Selenium-Hyperdoped Silicon Synthesised by Nanosecond Laser Annealing


T.S. Kondratenko, I.G. Grevtseva, T.A. Chevychelova. Influence of Gold Nanorodes on Luminescent Properties of Indocianine Green Dye Molecules


E.A. Krutsilina, N.N. Cherenda, N.N. Rudenik, A.M. Kuzmitsky. Influence of Silicon Content on Surface Layers Erosion of Hypreutectic Silumine Alloy at Pulsed Plasma Treatment


V.F. Mazanko, D.S. Gertsriken, N.V. Zaitseva, S.E. Bohdanov, D.V. Mironov, V.M. Mironov. The Influence of the Strain Rate on the Deformation Features in Various Types of Processing and the Mobility of Atoms in Metals and Alloys


Mikhail Martyshov, Konstantin Savin, Pavel Forsh, Dmitrij Amasev, Aleksey Tameev. Composite Materials Based on P3HT Polymer and Silicon Nanoparticles for Solar Cells


U.V. Mahilny, A.I. Stankevich, E.A. Khramtsou, A.P. Shkadarevich. Photooxidation of Anthracene-Containing Polymers with Atmospheric Oxygen for Volume-Phase and Relief-Phase Holographic Recording


Natalia Nasonova, Halina Pukhir. Interaction of Microwave EMR with Moisture-Containing Materials Based on Various Porous Matrices


Elizaveta Petrikova, Yurii Ivanov, Anton Teresov, Vitalii Shymanskii. Formation of High-Strength Near-Surface Layers in Hypereutectic Silumin Alloys under Electron-Ion-Plasma Treatment


V.A. Pilipenko, V.A. Solodukha, V.A. Gorushko, A.A. Omelchenko, V.M. Anishchik, V.V. Ponaryadov. Influence of the Rapid Thermal Treatment on the Optical Characteristics of Silicon


G.V. Potemkin, A.E. Ligachev, M.V. Zhidkov, Y.R. Kolobov, G.E. Remnev, B.L. Bobryshev, V.M. Anishchik, N.I. Poliak. The Surface Topography of Magnesium after Irradiation of High Power Ion Beam Processing


Aleksandra Soroca, Victoria Golovchuk, Yuri Bumai, Mikhail Lukashevich, Vladimir Odzhaev, Rustam Khaibullin. Modification of Optical Properties of Polyimide Films Implanted with High Dose of Manganese Ions


Andrey L. Stepanov, Yahia V. Fattakhov, Sergey M. Khantimerov, Vladimir I. Nuzhdin, Valery F. Valeev, Dmitry A. Konovalov, Bulat F. Farrakhov, Alexey M. Rogov. Annealin of Nanoporous Germanium Layers by Incoherent Light Pulse


T.A. Chevychelova, A.I. Zvyagin, O.V. Ovchinnikov, M.S. Smirnov, T.S. Kondratenko. Influence of Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles on Nonlinear Optical Properties of Methylene Blue Dye


N.N. Cherenda, I.S. Rogovaya, V.M. Astashynski, Yu.F. Ivanov, V.V. Shugurov, N.A. Prokopenko, E.A. Petrikova, A.Ya. Leyvi. Multielemental Alloying of Titanium Surface Layer under the Action of Compression Plasma Flows


Vladimir Chernysh, Alexey Ieshkin, Dmitriy Kireev, Elena Skryleva, Boris Senatulin. Modification of Surface Alloy Composition by Irradiation with Atomic and Cluster Argon Ions


V.I. Shymanski, N.O. Demenchuk, G.M. Dzagnidze. Formation of Alloys on the Basis of Copper and Zirconium by Compression Plasma Flows


V.I. Shymanski, A. Jevdokimovs, M.V. Yatsko, V.M. Astashynski. Structure of Hypereutectic Silumin Al-20Si Alloyed with Chromium and Niсkel Atoms by Compression Plasma Flow Impact



Formation of Nanomaterials and Nanostructures


A. Akhmetova, A. Kainarbay, Т.N. Nurakhmetov, D. Daurenbekov. Improved Synthesis and Photovoltaic Properties of Two-Dimensional CdTe Nanoplatelets


Alexander K. Fedotov, Ida Tyschenko, Julia Fedotova, Alexey Pashkewich, Ivan Svito. Carrier Transport Mechanisms in Ion-Implanted Silicon-on-Insulator Structures with InSb Clusters


I. Parkhomenko, L. Vlasukova, I. Romanov, D. Caffrey, A. Zhussupbekova, D. Korolev. Structure and Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Grown by Magnetron Sputtering


Iya Tashlykova-Bushkevich, Ann Izmailovich, Iuliana Stoliar, Anastasiya Ahkapkina, Angelica Derkach. Influence of Doping with Iron on Nanostructure Formation of Aluminium Thin Films on Glass Substrate


Nikita Belko, Michael Samtsov, Grigory Gusakov, Anatoly Lugovski, Siarhei Adamchyk. Nanocomplexes of a Thioflavin T Derivative with Ultradispersed Diamonds as a Fluorescent Probe


N.A. Bosak, A.N. Chumakov, M.V. Bushinsky, G.M. Chobot, L.V. Baran, A.A. Shevchenok, V.V. Malutina-Bronskaya, А.А. Ivanov. Surface Morphology, Optical and Electrophysical Properties of La0.44Ba0.56CoO3 Films


D.I. Brinkevich, V.S. Prosolovich, Yu.N. Yankovski. Ion Implantation of Diazoquinonnovolac Photoresists


Е.S. Voropay, Bazzal Khoder, M.N. Kovalenko, M.P. Patapovich. Studies of Educational Processes Nanopowders of Al, Al2O3, and AlN in Plasma under the Action of a Series of Double Laser Pulses on Aluminum Alloy AD1 in the Air Atmosphere


Е.S. Voropay, Bazzal Khoder, N.A. Alekseenko, N.H. Trinh.Studies of Educational Processes Nanopowders of Al2O3, AlN, and Al in Plasma under the Action of Defocused Dual Laser Beams Pulses on Aluminum in the Air Atmosphere


Tatiana P. Gavrilova, Sergey M. Khantimerov, Vladimir I. Nuzhdin, Valery F. Valeev, Alexey M. Rogov, Andrey L. Stepanov. Formation of Nanoporous Germanium Layers with Various Morphology by Ion Implantation for Anodes of Lithium-Ion Batteries


Peter Gaiduk. Sn Precipitation in Carbon Implantated SiSn Layers


V.I. Halauchuk, Y.F. Bumai, М.G. Lukashevich, Nikolay Lyadov, Ildar Faizrakhmanov, Rustam Khaibullin. Electrical and Galvanomagnetic Characteristics of Nanocrystalline Iron Films with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Formed by Ion-Stimulated Deposition


A.A. Gorbachev, A.A. Ramanenka, O.N. Tretinnikov. Radiation Synthesis and Optical Properties of Fluorescent Metal Nanoclusters Immobilized on Flexible Plastic Substrates


Grigory Gusakov, Michail Puzyrev, Victor Goncharov. Influence of Synthesis Parameters on Characteristics of Silver Nanoparticles Obtained by Laser Ablation of Metal in Liquid


Alexander Ilin, Alena Ivanova, Ksenia Kozlovskaya, Mikhail Martyshov. Electric and Photoelectric Properties of Complex Zinc and Cobalt Oxides with Spinel Structure


M.N. Kovalenko, N.A. Alekseenko, L.V. Markova, L.S. Rutkovskaia, А.P. Zajogin. Studies of the Processes of Precursor Formation for the Production of CuAl1-XMgxO2 Nanoceramics under the Influence of Double Laser Pulses on AMg2 and M2 Alloys in the Air Atmosphere


M.N. Kovalenko, N.A. Alekseenko, L.V. Markova, L.S. Rutkovskaia, А.P. Zajogin. Studies of the Processes of Precursor Formation for the Production of CuAl2O4 Nanoceramics at the Effect of Double Laser Pulses on AD1 and M2 Alloys in the Air Atmosphere


Vladimir S. Kovivchak. The Influence of Preliminary Dehydrochlorination on the Growth of Carbon Nanofibers on the Surface of Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride under the Action of a High-Power Ion Beam Nanosecond Duration


Elizaveta Konstantinova, Vasily Slezhkin, Valery Bryukhanov, Polina Medvedskaya, Ivan Lyatun. Optical Study Modified Nanostructures on the Surface of Anodically Treated Silver Film


Dmitry Korolev, Alena Nikolskaya, Alexey Belov, Alexey Mikhaylov, Anton Konakov, David Tetelbaum. Luminescent Properties of Ion-Synthesized 9R-Si Nanoinclusions in SiO2/Si Structures


A.V. Mudryi, V.D. Zhivulko, O.M. Borodavchenko, V.A. Zinovyev, A.V. Kacyuba, A.F. Zinovieva, Zh.V. Smagina, A.V. Dvurechenskii, A.Y. Krupin. Influence of Exposure to Electron Beams and Hydrogenation on the Optical Properties of Multilayer CaF2/Si/CaF2/Si(111) Nanostructures


A. Mukhammad, K. Chizh, V. Plotnichenko, V. Yuryev, P. Gaiduk. Plasmon Absorption in Structures with a Window-Like Surface Silicon Layer Implanted with As+ Ions


Alexander V. Pavlikov, Alfia M. Sharafutdinova, Alexey M. Rogov, Andrey L. Stepanov. Determination of the Crystalline Volume Fraction in Germanium Layers Implanted with Silver and Copper Ions


A.Yu. Panarin, A.V. Abakshonok, S.N. Terekhov. Adsorption Immobilization Nanocomposite Hydroxyapatite/Silver at the Glass Substrates


V.P. Popov, S.M. Tarkov, V.A. Antonov, A.K. Gutakovsky, V.I. Vdovin, I.E. Tyschenko. Thermal Stability of High-Resistance Layers in CO+ Ion-Implanted Silicon


Ida Tyschenko, Roman Khmelnitsky, Vladimir Volodin, Vladimir Popov. Ion Implanted Germanium Diffusion from SiO2 in Si and SiGe Phase Formation


Sergei Sharko, Alexandra Serokurova, Nikolai Novitskii, Evgeny Galenko, Natalia Poddubnaya. Interface Magnetoelectric Effect in Layered Ferromagnetic / Ferroelectric Structures Obtained by Ion-Beam Deposition



Radiation Influence on Coatings Structure and Properties


A.S. AlNeyadi, V.V. Uglov, S.V. Zlotski, A. Bouchalkha, N. Mora. The Structure and Phase Composition Stability of Amorphous Zirconium Irradiated with Helium Ions


A.K. Kuleshov, D.P. Rusalsky, M.M. Barkouskay. Synthesis of Layered Coatings from Solid Solutions of Niobium, Zirconium and Titanium Carbides on Hard Alloy Tool using Vacuum Arc Deposition


Ihar Saladukhin, Gregory Abadias. Influence of Monolayers Thicknesses Ratio on Stability of Structure and Phase Composition of CrN/SiNx Multilayered Coatings under Air Annealing


N.G. Valko, V.M. Anishchik, V.P. Evstigneeva. Electrodeposition of Ni/Au Composite Coatings under Effect of UV and X-Ray Radiation


V.K. Ksenevich, D.V. Adamchuk, V.A. Dorosinets. Synthesis and Structure of Nickel Doped Tin Oxides Based Films


A.L. Kozlovskiy. Research of the Efficiency of Shielding of Gamma Radiation of TeO2-WO3-Bi2O3 by Glasses


E.A. Kolesnikova, A.K. Kuleshov, D.P. Rusalsky, V.A. Gurinovitch. Radiation Stability of Sensors Manufactured on the Basis of n-InSb-i-GaAs


Stanislav Konstantinov, Elke Wendler, Fadei Komarov, Valeriy Zaikov. Effects of Argon Ion Irradiation of Nanostructured TiAlN Coatings


Tatyana Sidorova. Spin Injection to the Surface States of the Titanium Dioxide Induced by the Radiation


Valentin Tul'ev. Elemental Analysis of Surface Structures, Obtained by Ion-Assisted Deposition on Steel 40X Coatings Based on Ti, Cr, W


V.V. Uglov, M.S. Gurkinov, P.S. Grinchuk, M.V. Kiyashko, S.V. Zlotsky, V.M. Kholod. Raman-Spectroscopy Study of SiС-Based Composite Irradiated with Crypton and Xenon Ions


Vadzim Chayeuski, Valery Zhylinski. Formation and Structure of the Cr-DND/ZrN Coating on Hard Alloy


S.D. Latushkina, I.M. Romanov, O.I. Posylkina, A.G. Artemchik. Features of the Formation of Multicomponent Coatings by Magnetron Sputtering of Composite Targets



Advances in Equipment and Technologies


N.I. Gorbachuk, L.I. Burov, N.A. Poklonski, D.S. Neverov, S.V. Shpakovski. Device for Demonstration of Electrostatic Fields in a Lecture Experiment


Eugene Voropay, Dmitri Tarasau, Ksenia Ermalitskaia, Michael Samtsov, Konstantin Shevchenko, Alexander Kirsanov. Dual-Pulse Laser Atomic-Emission Spectrometer with Achromatic Optical System


D.A. Komarova, A.S. Sohatsky, A.I. Krylov, N.V. Kurylev, S.A. Mitrofanov. The Principle of Uniform Ion Doping of Material Samples for Structure Researches


I.Yu. Lovshenko, Yu.P. Snitovsky, V.R. Stempitsky. Influence of Penetrating Radiation on the Characteristics of a in-Sulated Gate Bipolar Transistor


Anton Lomygin, Roman Laptev. Methodology of Layer-by-Layer Chemical Analysis of Zr/Nb Multilayer Coatings by Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy


I.V. Lopatin, Yu.H. Akhmadeev. Realization of Heating by Electron Component of ARC Discharges Plasmas


A.A. Simonov, A.I. Kamardin, B.D. Igamov, I.Kh. Turapov. Laser Spraying of Materials and Formation of Functional Coatings on Dielectrics


Dmitri Tarasau, Michael Samtsov, Elena Maliushkova, Ivan Khludeev, Igor Semak. Method for Analysis of Electrophoregrams with Spectral Resolution of Fluorescence


E.M. Tolstopyatov, V.A. Shelestova. Specific Features of Deposition of a Fluoropolymer Coating in Plasma of a Tubular DC Reactor


Vladimir Chernysh, Alexander Evseev, Yuri Balakshin, Artyom Shporin, Damir Minnebaev, Anton Nazarov, Andrey Shemukhin. The Experimental Techniques of Acceleror-Based Facility HVEE-500


S.V. Yankevich, G.V. Malinin. Method of Determining Ultrasonic Energy for Enhancing Extraction of Inulin using Ultrasonic Technologies


I.A.Khodasevich, M.V. Rzheutski, E.V. Lutsenko, P.V. Emelyanchik, P.A. Apanasevich, A.S. Grabtchikov. Spectral-Temporal Characteristics of Filament Luminescence in Yttrium Vanadate Crystal at IR Femtosecond Pulses Excitation